Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is one of the most innovative and new ways to perform surgery on your pet. The benefits are many, ranging from less bleeding as the laser will cauterize or seal the blood vessel as it “cuts.” Also, your pet will experience less pain as the laser will seal nerve endings on contact, making the surgery much less painful. Finally, there is less infection associated with a laser versus a traditional scalpel as the heat from the laser kills bacteria as an incision is made. Please ask our veterinarians if laser surgery is right for your pet.

Have an Emergency?

If you are to the south of Old Hickory Boulevard, go to:
Blue Pearl Emergency
3020 Mallory Lane, Brentwood, TN 37027
(615) 333-1212 Ext. 1

If you are to the north of Old Hickory Boulevard, go to:
Nashville Veterinary Services Emergency
2971 Sidco Drive, Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 386-0107

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