Laser Therapy

In an effort to stay up to date on the latest therapies and provide your pets with the best quality of care, Little House has purchased a therapeutic laser. Laser therapy is a beam of light (wavelength energy) that we hold over a sore lesion anywhere on your pet’s body. The wavelengths increase blood flow, oxygen, anti-inflammatory properties, and help cells that are naturally in the body work faster to stimulate the normal healing process! There are not even any side effects! It takes 3 minutes to laser a sore area, and usually by the 2nd treatment your pet will start showing signs of feeling better! Laser therapy treats anything from arthritis to lick granulomas (constantly licking an area usually on a foot) to chronic ear infections to skin incisions after routine surgeries! We have already started to see this treatment work for so many of our patients!

Below is a testimonial from Chester’s mom regarding Chester’s laser therapy sessions to treat his osteoarthritis. See for yourself! We are so excited for Chester and all our patients who are benefiting from this! Call us with any questions you may have and we’ll discuss it!

~My 14 year old jack Russell terrier, Chester, was diagnosed with kidney failure a year and a half ago. We have been managing it through a change in diet and subcutaneous fluids every other day, and have managed to keep his kidney functions in the normal range. As excited as I was that Chester was putting up such a great fight against kidney failure, I started to notice some changes in his behavior. He used to love to play with stuffed toys and they no longer interested him. He always slept in bed with me at night, and he started going downstairs to sleep alone in his dog bed. Once a very precise marksman, Chester was having trouble lifting his leg when I took him outside. I took him to the vet for a checkup and my fears were confirmed: Chester was getting very arthritic. Chester slept a lot, would limp when he got up out of bed and lost that Jack Russell twinkle in his eyes. Because of the kidney failure, I knew if we put him on any medications to control his pain, it would have terrible effects on his kidneys. I knew that I would soon need to choose his quality of life over the progress we had made with his kidneys, and I was devastated.

One day Dr. Kathy called me and suggested we try a new laser treatment on Chester. The laser would increase the blood circulation to the affected areas and give him relief from the pain without any side effects on his kidneys. She said that they were having a lot of success with the laser and that Chester would be the ideal candidate for it. I would do anything to improve the quality of life for my dogs, so I bought a package of ten treatments and made Chester’s first appointment. The staff at Little House warned me it could take a couple of treatments before I noticed any difference.

The staff at Little House was wrong (that rarely happens!) The day of his very first treatment, I was sitting on my couch reading with a cup of coffee and all of the sudden Chester was in my lap! I was so shocked I spilled coffee all over myself- Chester had physically been unable to jump on the couch for at least six months, and here he was snuggling in and licking coffee off my arm! The day of his second treatment, I made a trip to the pet store to pick up some food for Chester’s sister and of course, the obligatory new toy that I can’t leave a pet store without. As soon as I put the bag down when I walked in the door, Chester dove into it and pulled out the stuffed alligator I had bought. Before I could even take the tags off, Chester was running around the house with it! The next day, the lady that walks my dogs while I’m at work sent me a text message asking what was I putting in Chester’s food because he was running around like a puppy. Chester started sleeping with me again, the bushes in front my house started feeling the effects of his precision marksmanship, and the neighborhood cats are all on their best behavior: that Jack Russell twinkle in Chester’s eyes is back!

We started calling him Chester Buttons, like the movie Benjamin Buttons because he seems to have started to age in reverse. Chester is on his third week of treatments and we are not looking back. The treatments are very affordable and they only take a couple of minutes twice a week. We are about to move Chester to the maintenance dosage. Now when Chester sleeps at the end of the day, it’s because he is exhausted from playing with toys and playing with his (much) younger sister, and not that he is exhausted from chronic pain. Caring for an older pet is both an honor and a privilege and I am so excited that I have been able to give Chester this gift. I am so grateful to Dr. Kathy and Little House for keeping up with the latest technology in vet care, and providing my furry children with the best possible vet care. They have extended my time with Chester and improved his quality of life. Every day with Chester is a great day!

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