On November 9, 2012 our lives were drastically changed when we rescued a dog from a kill shelter in Cleveland, TN. We already have another rescue from the who is about 6 years old now and Dr. Kunkel wanted to make sure we had this dog examined before we brought him home to Emma. Well, that started a journey of a very sick little dog. He tested positive for heartworm that day amongst other diseases. It broke my heart but for 4 months we have been taking care of this little dog with the help of Dr Frevert. When we first got Brody, he was so anxious and always tried to nip at the staff at Little House. Dr. Frevert is always able to talk to Brody man and calm him down. Dr. Frevert is caring and compassionate and has a wonderful sense of humor. She has called me almost every single day in the last few months to check on our little man. She truly cares about this little dog and making sure he gets better which at times seemed like it would never happen. She takes the time to answer every question and some questions I don’t even think to ask. Every single person at Little House knows Brody and asks about him. He walks in there like a little rock star, which of course he is. Thank you Dr. Frevert for saving little Brody man more than once. I think he is up to 12 lives now because of you.

Sheila Sferrella

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